GMBA 14 – Mental Toughness – Leffy Gaston talks needles in his eyes, being banned for life from K-State University, and how to appreciate what you have.

Gentleman Badass Podcast Theme Song written by Josh Kidney

“Invictus” Performed by Mike Kendall

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Leffy on being a Fairbury Jeff, in Jefferson, named Jeff

Leffy on where the name Leffy came from

Leffy and Josh on growing up in a small town

Leffy on why he hated school

Leffy on how got banned from K-State for life

Leffy on starting his DJ business and becoming an entrepreneur

Leffy on developing his work ethic

Josh on making money as a kid

Mick on making money as a kid in Ireland

Leffy on why he got into stand up comedy

Leffy on going to truck driver school

Leffy on finding out he had Glaucoma

Leffy on the some of the procedures he’s had to endure because of Glaucoma

Leffy on the future prognosis of his eye sight

Mick on socialized medicine and why he’s blind in one eye because of it

Leffy on the mental toughness

Josh and Mick on mental toughness 

Mick on his dad lying about his age to get a job in the Royal Air Force

Leffy on growing through stress

Leffy on his new passion for writing

Leffy on his distaste for the corporate world

Leffy on developing the Leff 2 Deff podcast

Josh on wishing he’d started a podcast sooner

Mick on the benefits of listening to a podcast in the car

Josh on calling Leffy for advice when starting the Gentleman Badass

Leffy’s Snapchat – leffygaston

Leffy’s pen name – LG Wright

Mick on the improvements coming to 88 Tactical –

Book of the Week

Everything to Live For – Turia Pitt

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