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Donnie on growing up in the fire station

Donnie on being on smart ass in school

Donnie on being medically discharged from the Marines

Donnie on producing the Todd and Tyler show

Donnie on the first time he met Mick

Donnie on his professional wrestling career

Omaha Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

Mick on the effects of getting his kids backstage at WWE

Donnie on the irony of his Professional Wrestling retirement

Donnie on the process of becoming a firefighter

Donnie on advice for those who are interested in becoming a firefighter

Donnie on the downsides of being a firefighter

Donnie on the signs of PTSD 29:00

Donnie on getting into Film Making

Donnie on making his first major documentary – AE Wells: A Man and His Park

Donnie on his second documentary – Chatterbox: Cornhusker Hero

Donnie on the emotions of screening his documentaries for the first time

Donnie on the next documentary he’s working on – All the King’s Men

Donnie on how football dealt with the same complaints over 100 years ago 54:00

Donnie on a crazy Bob Chatt story

Donnie on his sons charity

Book of the Week

How Full is Your Bucket – Tom Rath, Donald O. Clifton

Workout of the Week

100 Lunges

100 Pushups

100 sit ups

Break up however you like, but finish everything in 10 minutes or less.