Gentleman Badass Theme song written by Josh Kidney

“Invictus” Performed by Mike Kendall

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Mick Doyle Highlight Reel

2 Time world champion Muay Thai Fighter

BJJ Black Belt

Coach of more than 40 Muay Thai National Champions

Mick has trained Conor McGregor, Gunnar Nelson, and Anthony “Lionheart” Smith among others

Mick’s Early Life in Ireland

Mick’s Spur of the moment decision to come to the USA

Mick’s awful First Day in the USA (funny)

Mick’s awful first month in USA 

Mick’s life long pursuit of health and fitness

Josh’s background growing up in small town Nebraska

Josh’s background making music 

Josh “giving up” music to get a real job

Josh’s weight loss and fitness journey and how developing the Warrior Mindset changed his life

What Josh hopes to accomplish with the Gentleman Badass podcast

What Mick hopes to accomplish with the Gentleman Badass podcast

Mick’s thoughts on the American dream from an immigrant’s point of view.

Mick’s opinion on the Demasculinization of the modern man.

Josh’s opinion of “toxic masculinity.”

Josh and Mick on balancing the Gentleman with the Badass

Josh on Jiu Jitsu and the importance of a brotherhood

Josh on a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset

Mick on the diversity in Jiu Jitsu 

Josh on the benefits of pain

Mick and Josh on the importance of struggle

Book of the week

Unbreakable – A Navy Seal’s Way of Life by Thom Shea

Sniper duel passage from Unbreakable

Workout of the week

100 Foot sprint on Versa Climber + 10 burpees

Repeat 10 times.

Set a timer and see how fast you can complete all 10 rounds.

Try to beat Josh’s time of 17 minutes 30 seconds