The Man in the Arena

My stomach is in knots and has been for a week. For the last three months I’ve been pouring my heart, soul, time and money into creating the Gentleman Badass Podcast. If iTunes plays along, we’re less than a week away from the launch. I’m excited. We’ve got some great content and I can’t wait to … Continue reading The Man in the Arena

Words is Hard

Mick and I sat down this week to record Episodes 2 and 3 of the podcast and technologically they went a lot smoother than Episode 1. We got the mic issues resolved and the sound is much better. On the other hand, the editing process has brought me back to Reid Hoffman’s famous quote “If … Continue reading Words is Hard

Podcasting Dos and Don’ts

I spent the majority of the last three days recording and editing the first episode of the Gentleman Badass podcast. I don’t want to say I was overconfident in my ability to make this podcast happen, but I will admit I’d thought to myself, “I’ve recorded four albums and edited a hundred youtube videos. How … Continue reading Podcasting Dos and Don’ts