Jeff Miller

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Jeff on growing up in small town midwest

Jeff on the instruments he played in high school

Jeff on his struggles with college and what finally straightened him out

Jeff on how he broke into television

Jeff on how his winding journey that led him to Omaha

Jeff on what the day to day of a running a TV station

Jeff on what a bad day in TV looks like

Jeff on Millennials

Jeff on how moving from place to place is actually a benefit in the Television Industry

Jeff on the value of a college degree

Josh on why he dropped out of college 

Mick on his college experience and why he regrets forcing his kids to go to college

Josh on getting around the college degree requirement for his job as a Stock Broker

Jeff on the best class he took in college

Jeff on discovering Wake Up Warrior and the Warrior Book 

Jeff on the idea of personal expansion and upgrading his operating system

Jeff on the impact he saw in his family life

Jeff on the the Wake Up Warrior program

Josh and Mick on the similarities between Wake Up Warrior and their experience in the gym

Mick on the warrior process

Jeff on why men lie to themselves and others

Jeff on why men build things up in their life only to burn it all down

Josh and Mick on men who aren’t ready to change

Recovery – Russel Brand

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Jeff on the most impactful idea from the book “Be the Man”

Book of the Week

Be The Man – Garrett J White

Workout of the Week – Low Volume, High Weight

Dead Lift – 5,4,3,2

Muscle Snatch – 4 x 8

Seated Lat Pull Downs 3 x 8

Pull Ups 4 x 3-5

Bent Over Rows – 4 x 8

Jerk Snatch 5,4,3 each arm

Incline Bench Press – 7, 5, 3

Tate Press – 3 x 8

Incline Hemmer Curls – 3 x 8

Hang Knee Raises – 3 x 8