Chris Brammer

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Chris on being raised a Jehovah’s Witness

Chris on running off his mouth and getting into a fight as a kid

Chris on finding his way into Mick Doyle’s Gym

Mick on what stuck out about Chris in the early days

Chris on beginning to train and fight

Chris on why he joined the Army

Chris on how difficult it is to become an Army Sniper

Chris on fighting at Mick’s allowed him to catch the attention of the Snipers

Chris on being a part of the first Stryker Battalion

Chris on his first tour in Iraq

Chris on his other tours and working as a contractor

Chris on the autonomy of being a sniper

Chris on his first PTSD episode

Chris on when his PTSD started growing worse.

Mick on the differences he noticed when Chris came back from combat

Chris on what his treatment looks like

Chris on dealing with PTSD in every day life

Chris on the benefit of physical training for PTSD

Mick on how physical training, and martial arts specifically are good for the mind

Josh on the book Tribe and what Sebastian Junger says about PTSD

Mick on other thoughts from Tribe

Josh on Jane McGonigal’s findings of Tetris’s effect on PTSD

Chris on transitioning from the Army to business

Chris on the biggest mistakes he sees people make in purchasing Precision Rifle Gear

Chris on where he sees Precision Rifle going in the future

Book of the Month

Tribe – Sebastian Junger

Workout of the Week

(1 set or each, you determine reps)

1000 meter row

Squats holding a plate (ass to the grass) 

Single Arm KB Swings

Single Leg Stiff Leg KB Bend (1 set each leg)

Kneeling Land Mine Press

Single Arm DB Row

Lat Pull Downs

Wide Grip Upright Row

Standing Alternating Curls