Artem Lobov

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Artem on getting into martial arts for the first time

Artem on moving to Ireland

Artem on training with his first coach and hearing about John Kavanagh

Artem on getting his blue belt three times

Artem’s mindset when it comes to Jiu Jitsu belts

Artem on training in different places all over the world

Artem on what it takes to be a good coach

Artem on when he first started training to fight

Funny stories from some of Artem’s early fights

Artem on first training with Conor McGregor

Artem on the benefits of the growth of Straight Blast Gym

Artem on realizing his dream of doing MMA professionally

Artem on why he enjoys fighting

Artem on what he’d be doing if he wasn’t doing MMA

Artem on working hard at everything he does

Artem on competing in The Ultimate Fighter Season 22

Artem on training with and then competing against Ryan Hall

Artem on why fighters want to be in the UFC and why he’s moving on

Artem on how his Bare Knuckle FC contract came about

Artem on his first Bare Knuckle FC fight

Artem on his non-exclusive contract with Bare Knuckle FC

Artem on the McGregor/Mayweather Fight

Artem on padded boxing records

Artem on why he wants a McGregor/Mayweather rematch

Artem on his interest in potentially moving to boxing

Artem on his drive and work ethic

Artem on why his family chose to move to Ireland

Artem on wanting to fight in Russia

Artem on why he hates mediocrity

Artem on motivating someone to get their ass in gear

Artem and Mick on the immigrant mentality

Artem’s advice for young kids interested in fighting

Workout of the week

Set a timer for 10 minutes and do as many burpees in 10 minutes

Book of the week

The One Thing – Gary Keller, Jay Papasan