GMBA 12 – Road Warrior – Evan Bartels on playing 200 dates a year and how becoming a father and losing 83 pounds has transformed his music.

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Theo Vonn’s quote about Evan Bartels

Evan on how the Theo Vonn thing happened music

Evan on the Theo Vonn bump

Evan on breaking 100,000 streams on Instagram

Evan on meeting Theo Vonn

Evan and Josh on growing up in a small town

Mick on growing up in Dublin

Evan on his early musical education and inspiration

Evan on working at a hog processing plant

Evan on being self employed and why he hates people telling him what to do

Evan on getting his first guitar, writing music, and starting his first band

Evan on his first gigs

Josh and Evan on their former rock and roll style

Mick on Kilts

Mick on an interesting gig at the Highland games

Evan on his crazy touring schedule

Evan on how touring and life has changed him

Evan on having his front wheel come off while driving on the interstate

Evan on some crazy stories from the road

Evan on how becoming a father has changed him and his music

The group on the OEA Awards

Evan on finding discipline and using 83 pounds

Evan on how getting healthy has improved his music

Evan on happiness vs. Contentment

Josh on the compounding effects of small actions

Evan on how self-discipline changes your life and your relationships

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Book of the Week

Vagabonding – Rolf Potts

Workout of the Week – Road Warrior Workout

4 exercises. Complete all exercises in 2 minutes

The time left over in the two minute period is your rest time before the next set.

Burpees – 5

Pushups – 10

Plank Jacks – 15

Jump Squats – 20

Repeat circuit 4 to 5 times. 

Workout should take you 10 minutes tops

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