GMBA 10 – Lifting Prince Harry and Heavier Things – Rob Hufford on bear-hugging Prince Harry, having part of his brain removed, and helping wounded veterans all over the world.

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Rob on bear-hugging Prince Harry

Rob clears the record, he did not touch the royal baby bump

Rob on the video of his encounter going viral and being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight

Rob on Prince Harry’s involvement in the Invictus Games

Rob explains the Invictus Games and the Warrior Games

Rob on the Air Force Wounded Warrior’s program

Rob on discovering he was epileptic

Rob on having a grand maul seizure

Rob on discovering doctors wanted to remove part of his brain

Rob on having part of his brain removed and being forced to retire from the Air Force

Rob on playing football for the Air Force Academy, concussions, and having is brain tested for Tau Proteins

Rob on weening himself off the seizure medications

Rob on learning about the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

Mick on warriors not wanting to admit they’re suffering

Rob on different programs who are helping wounded vets (VA Community Resource)

Rob on how these programs benefit wounded vets

Rob on how these programs are funded

Rob on becoming involved in the Air Force Wounded Warriors project

Rob on getting back in shape to compete internationally

Rob on joining Testify Gym and using the Starting Strength theory of training

Rob on the four pillars or life and how training fills them

Rob on the coaches he and other wounded warriors get to work with

Rob on how he got into sailing for the Invictus Games

Rob on learning how to sail and only training for three weeks before competition

Rob on his competition goals for 2019

Rob on being able to work for the Air Force again

Rob on being tapped for the runway replacement project at Offutt Air Force Base

Rob on we can do as civilians to help our veterans

VA Community Resource

VA Retirement Home

Project Healing Waters

Miles for Heroes

Heroes Hunting

Book of the Week

Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions – Russell Brand

Workout of the Week

Put on a 20 lb weight vest

.25 mile run (Woodway treadmill if possible)

10 pullups

10 dips

Do this circuit 4 times through and try to finish in 20 minutes

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