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Austin on his prankster background

– Breaking windows

– HItting kids with golf balls

– Tormenting his neighbor

– Running from the cops

– Wearing an eye patch for graduation

– Putting a car alarm in his locker

Austin on discovering Sam Kinison

Austin’s first stand up gig at his Senior Banquet

Austin on doing stand up in the early years

Austin on the curse of stand up comedy

Josh on the curse of music

Austin on living in California and doing comedy

Austin on why he moved back to Omaha

The group on the pros and cons of playing in smokey bars

Austin on progressing his comedy career in Omaha

Austin on what makes comedians bitter

Austin on why he loves comedy

Austin on his on-stage persona compared to real life

Austin on the highlights and the lowlights of his career

Austin on how the art of comedy is being destroyed

Austin on the effect of social media on comedy

Mick on growing up with absurd comedy

Austin on his strategy for playing PC crowds

The group on MAGA hat kid controversy and an unreliable media

Austin on playing to colleges

Austin on Sam Kinison

Josh on the reversal of who’s offended

Austin on offending people and friends in person

Austin on his new podcast

Book of the Week

Anything You Want – Derek Sivers

Workout of the Week

Demonstration on YouTube

Part 1

2 fast jabs 2 power jabs

3 fast jabs 3 power jabs

4 fast jabs 4 power jabs

Continue increasing number of fast jabs and power jabs by 1 until you reach 10 fast jabs and 10 power jabs

Switch stance and do the same thing with your other arm

Repeat this until you have completed 5 sets on each arm


Part 2

Power Jab Cross x 10

10 Pushups

 Power Jab Cross x 8

8 Pushups

Power Jab Cross x 6

6 Pushups

 Power Jab Cross x 4

4 Pushups

Power Jab Cross x 2

2 Pushups