GMBA 4 – Human Behavior Under Duress – Green Beret Trevor Thrasher on breaking the mold in tactical training

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“Invictus” Performed by Mike Kendall

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Intro: Josh Kidney

Trevor on his background

Fighter pilot father

5 Older brothers

“Man is at is best when he’s in the hunt.”

Trevor on beginning martial arts

Trevor on being in school and first learning about Green Berets

The Battle of Lang Vei

Trevor on joining the National Guard

Trevor on becoming a a Police Officer and training with the best of the best

Trevor on becoming a Green Beret

Trevor on the difference between Green Berets and other Special Forces

Josh on training with Trevor

Trevor on being the anti-christ of the tactical world

Trevor on developing his training curriculum based on human behavior under duress an the blow back her received from it

Trevor on CQB

Mick on growing up around terrorism

Trevor on the impact 9/11 had on him

Trevor on human behaviors and how he develops training around them

Trevor on the difference between training military verses training law enforcement

Trevor and Mick on the OODA Loop

Recognition Prime Decision Making

Trevor on simulating stressful situations for repetition training

Trevor on Bullshido or in his line of work Bull-Shoot-O

Trevor on making his training efficient

Trevor on wishing he’d learn less and gotten better and the important things

Trevor on the wide availability of video evidence for proper tactical training

Trevor on training civilians verses military and law enforcement

Trevor on living what he teaches

Trevor on how to prevent 80% of home invasions that can occur

The group on the current state of men in the United States

The group on unity and the lack thereof in the United States

Book of the week

Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual – Jocko Willink

Workout of the Week

Your Age equals the number of reps you’ll do for each of the following exercises:


Squat Thrusts

Killer Rabbits

Side Kick-Outs 



Chair Dips

8 Count Body Builders

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