GMBA 2 – On the Road with Foo Fighters – Chad “Yeti” Ward on working with the biggest acts in music and becoming a viral YouTube sensation.

Gentleman Badass Theme song written by Josh Kidney

“Invictus” Performed by Mike Kendall

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Intro: Josh Kidney

Yeti on using Keto to lose 47 pounds

Yeti explains his job and who he’s worked with

Yeti talks about growing up and getting into music

Yeti talks about learning to drum

Mick tells the story about getting a “used” drum set from Yeti

Yeti talks about getting his first road gig with 311

Yeti talks about starting to work with Foo Fighters and Limp Bizkit

Yeti gives advice for those who’d like to get into his line of work

Yeti talks about having to say goodbye to his kids when he leaves on the road

Yeti explains what a “typical” day of work looks like

Yeti talks about learning of Mick Doyle and making his way into his gym

Yeti explains where he picked up the “Yeti” nickname and the benefits it’s recently bestowed upon him

Mick and Josh talk about Fight Names

Yeti and Josh share Gym War Stories

Daigle Eats Mat Video   

Yeti talks about breaking his addiction to Diet Coke, losing 80 pounds, then getting shredded

The group talks about over-training

Yeti and Mick talk about growing kinder and gentler with age

Yeti talks about getting duped into becoming a YouTube sensation   

Yeti talks about an even more embarrassing story from his days on the road

Yeti talks about meeting Paul McCartney and later hanging out with Paul McCartney and Tom Hanks

Yeti talks about meeting more of his musical heroes

Yeti talks about winning the 50th Annual Grohl Bowl Karaoke Trophy

Yeti talks about Dave Grohl giving fans the opportunity to play on stage

Mick and Josh tell horror stories from fan interactions they’ve had during concerts

The group talks about their favorite whiskeys

McCallen, Proper 12, Jameson, Bushmills, Buffalo Trace, Blantons, Soldier Valley


Book of the Week

Killing Floor: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child   

Workout of the Week

Road Warrior Pyramid Workout

10 Chair Squats

10 Squat Thrusts

10 burpees w jump

10 pushups

10 dips

8 Chair Squats

8 Squat Thrusts

8 burpees w jump

8 pushups

8 dips

6 Chair Squats

6 Squat Thrusts

6 burpees w jump

6 pushups

6 dips

4 Chair Squats

4 Squat Thrusts

4 burpees w jump

4 pushups

4 dips

2 Chair Squats

2 Squat Thrusts

2 burpees w jump

2 pushups

2 dips


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