Welcome to the Gentleman Badass Podcast. In a culture that seems increasingly bent on squashing masculine traits, we believe the tenants of both the Gentleman and the Warrior are of utmost importance. On this podcast, we’ll be talking to men from all walks of life who are on the path of the Gentleman Badass as well as badass women cut from the same cloth. From rock stars, fighters, and business owners, to trainers, entrepreneurs, and hardened combat veterans, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

The Hosts of the Gentleman Badass Podcast

Mick Doyle was born in Dublin, Ireland and comes from a long line of fighters. Mick himself is a two-time World Champion Muay Thai fighter, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, and long-time coach and gym owner. Mick has worked with such fighters as Conor McGregor, Gunnar Nelson, Anthony “Lionheart” Smith, and Kongnapa Watcharwit and has coached more National Champion Muay Thai fighters than any coach in the USA. For Mick’s complete bio, please click here.

Josh Kidney is from Omaha, Nebraska and is a guitarist, author, firearms instructor, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. Fed up with his former job as an investment advisor, and strengthened by the warrior mentality he’d learned training under Mick Doyle, Josh left the comfort of his job to strike out on his own. He has since gone on to a co-found Old Bellows Jiu Jitsu and is the creator of the Gentleman Badass line of grooming products. For Josh’s complete bio, please click here.

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Mick Doyle


Mick Doyle was born in Dublin, Ireland, where his family has had a long tradition of fighters including his great-grandfather Mickey Finn, the legendary bare-knuckle champion of Ireland. Mick began Martial Arts training at the age of 7.

From 1980 to 1985 Mick went undefeated and become the Irish Kickboxing Champion. For three of those years, Mick was forced to fight in the adult divisions, even though he had not met his majority. His tournament and fight schedule allowed him to travel much of Northern Europe.

On December 6th, 1986 at the age of 18 Mick made the decision to immigrate to the United States. He attended Bellevue University full time until 1988 when a position opened up at Saint Joseph Center for Mental Health where he became the Fitness coordinator for the hospital, its patients and staff. He also opened his first Martial Arts school in the same year called The Midwest Fighting Arts Academy.

In 1989 he met one of his childhood goals—being recognized as one the best active fighters in the world. He was ranked the number one welterweight fighter in the IKKC World rankings by Denver based World promoter Vern Stephenson, and later that year won his first World Title in Muay Thai.

In September 1994, Mick won his second World title. The IKBO (International Kickboxing Organization) based out of Emmen, Holland and run by Mr. Fred Royers.

On April 25th, 1996 Mick was appointed Head Coach of the United States Muay Thai Team. In May of that year, Mick traveled with the team to Thailand to train and compete in the Princes Cup World Championship.

After returning from Thailand, Mick began to spend more time perfecting his Jui Jitsu and Grappling skills. Mick was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by his friends Scott Thompson and R.J Nebe who were the first blue belts in the Midwest, under the legendary Rickson Gracie. At one point, Renzo Gracie came to Omaha to train with Mick at his gym as did John Lewis and Igor Zinoviev.

In 1998 Mick wanted to test his new found skills of grappling and No Holds Barred fighting with a real competition and won the Budokai Bare Knuckle Challenge in Springfield, Missouri. Also in 1998, Mick won the Grand Championship Belt at Bas Rutten’s U.S. Open Jui Jitsu/Tough Man Tournament in Denver, Colorado. His last full contact fight was in Beijing China in 1999 as part of the first professional mixed martial arts fight ever to take place in China.

Since retiring from competition Mick has devoted his energies to continuing his advancement as a Martial Artist and a Coach. He currently holds the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Scott Thompson and Master Fabio Santos, who is one of the highest-ranking students of Rickson Gracie. He strives to teach people the life’s lessons he has learned from years of constantly challenging and pushing himself to be the best. The odds have always been stacked against him. From being blind in one eye to immigrating to the U.S. at the age of 18, unsure of what his future in this country would hold, Mick has faced all these challenges with the courage and determination of a modern day warrior.

Mick has trained more National Champions than any other coach in the United States. To date, he has coached 39 National Champions and cornered 7 World Champions. He is a Senior instructor at 88 Tactical World Headquarters and teaches CQB and unarmed combatives training. His seminars, fighter coaching sessions and methods are among the best in the world and he has worked with some of the best fighters in the world including Conor McGregor, Gunni Nelson, Anthony “Lionheart” Smith, and Kongnapa Watcharwit. He has lived his life through Martial Arts and is guided by the ancient Samurai maxim “everything, everybody, outside of myself is my teacher”.


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Josh Kidney

Josh Kidney

Josh Kidney was born in Omaha, Nebraska where he lived for several years before moving with his family to a much smaller town in rural Nebraska. In his new environment Josh promptly took up hunting, fishing, all kinds of sports, and eventually discovered an overwhelming interest in guitar. While sports were mostly fun and games, Josh considered the guitar to be serious business. After another move to a slightly larger town, Josh quit all sports to focus on guitar and his high school rock band. In 2000, Josh moved back to Omaha to attend college, and to start a band that he hoped would make his dreams of rock stardom come true. It almost worked.

In 2002, Josh founded “The Livingstons” with some of his best friends from college. The band would go on to sign a booking and management deal out of Nashville, record an album with Grammy-winning engineer Eric Delegard, change their name to “Fate of Angels,” and tour the country playing over 500 shows in 28 different states. During that time, in order to help fund his dream of making rock n’ roll history, Josh became a stock broker. While it was good money, Josh had his sights set on one goal; to be a full-time musician. In August of 2008, Josh quit his job to tour full time with his band. The next month, on September 29th, the stock market crashed, plummeting the United States into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Despite their best efforts, the band couldn’t make it work. In 2009, Fate of Angels broke up and Josh went crawling back to his old job. Determined to be successful, he buried himself in his work and tried to forget his dream of playing music.

It didn’t work.

In 2011, out of shape and depressed, Josh walked into Mick Doyle’s Gym. While he was primarily interested in exercising, Josh quickly began attending Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes. In 2014 Josh earned his Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu, and strengthened by the warrior mentality he’d learned on the mats, left his job to start his own business and pursue making music once again.

In 2021 Josh earned his Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu under Scott Thompson and Fabio Santos. He’s also the lead guitarist of the Dylan Bloom Band, one of the top unsigned country artists in the midwest, as well as the singer and principal songwriter of his own band, Kid Nebraska. Josh is the co-founder of Old Bellows Jiu Jitsu as well as the creator of the Gentleman Badass line of grooming products.

Josh is sponsored by Splawn Amplification, Larrivee Guitars, Curt Mangan Strings and InTune Guitar Picks.


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